Most Worshipful King Solomon Universal Grand Lodge
Ancient York Rite Masons of Indiana
Most Worthy Queen Esther Universal Grand Chapter
Order of the Eastern Star
Most Worthy Queen Hadassah Grand Chapter
Order of the Eastern Star
Affiliated with
The Providence Supreme Council of North Americas
and all its Territories
Ancient Accepted Scottish Rites

Bro. Sidney Johnson

OES Chapters 2

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Phoenix Chapter No. 1

Worthy Matron Latoyea Sims

Meetings 3rd Sundays at 5pm

Elisheba Chapter No. 7

Worthy Matron Lyndetta Timmons

Meetings 2nd Saturdays at 1pm

Nia Chapter No. 109

Worthy Matron Candace Coopwood

Meetings 2nd Saturdays at 3pm

Iscah Chapter No. 197

Wothy Matron Natee Wafford

Meetings 3rd Saturdays 5:05pm

Esther Chapter No. 518

Worthy Matron Kim Jones

Meetings 3rd Saturdays at 1pm