Most Worshipful King Solomon Universal Grand Lodge
Ancient York Rite Masons of Indiana
Most Worthy Queen Esther Universal Grand Chapter
Order of the Eastern Star
Most Worthy Queen Hadassah Grand Chapter
Order of the Eastern Star
Affiliated with
The Providence Supreme Council of North Americas
and all its Territories
Ancient Accepted Scottish Rites

Bro. Sidney Johnson

News from the East

Congratulations on your elevation class 2012-01

Sublime Prince Phillip Daniels 320

Sublime Prince Jabal Campbell 320

Divinity Chapter No. 5 Great job!!!!!!!

In December 2012, Divinity Chapter No. 5 delivered toys for the boys and girls at the Hammond womens and children batter shelter. Good job WM Cole and the sisters of Divinity Chapter No. 5

Congratulations and welcome to our new Knights

Sir Knight L. Jones, Sir Knight Mcgee, Sir Knight Martin, Sir Knight J. Jackson, Sir Knight Jerome, Sir Knight Lewis, Sir Knight Ivy Sir Knight King


Congratulations on your elevation class 2013-01

Sublime Prince L Jones, Sublime Prince Mcgee, Sublime Prince Jerome, Sublime Prince Lewis, Sublime Prince Ivy, Sublime Prince King


Congratulations !!!!!!!!!

Alpha and Omega No. 5 newest Master Masons from L to R: Bro. Bland, Bro. Macky, Bro. Mudd, Worshipful Master King,  Bro. Vasquez, Bro. Redmond. Travel light brothers and look well to the east......



Congratulations on raising the Arch Companion Darryl Hawkins, Companion Willie Jones and Companion Daniel Vasquez STOOP LOW!!!!!!!!! A road well traveled 22 March 2014

Reception of MPSGC Ronald Eddings 330

Hammond City Consistory No.2 had the great pleasure of being visited by The Honorable Ronald Eddings 330 MPSGC 23 March 2014

Hammond City Consistory No. 2

Photo with MPSGC The Honorable Ronald Eddings 330 23 March 2014


On 17 July 2014 three of our own have achieved the Honorary 33rd and last degree of Masonry from the Universal Supreme Council A.A.S.R. (L) to (R): ILL. Ricky Luckett, ILL. Phillip Daniels and ILL. Leonte Harrison.

A journey well travel

Atlanta Ga

Masonic History

On 27th July 2014 St. Mark Grand Lodge and King Solomon Universal Grand Lodge signed and sealed a Masonic Treaty of Peace in Gary Indiana. This Masonic treaty will bring together all Masonic brothers thru out the great hooiser state.

Gary In

Newly made Master Mason 14 December 2014 

Left to Right: Bro. Jones, Bro. Goines, Bro. Williams, Bro. Stollenwerk


Alpha and Omega Lodge No. 5


Gabriel Lodge No. 111

June 2015


Past Grand Master John L. English and Imhotep Lodge No. 7

Picture coming soon!!!!!!!

September 2015

Welcome new OES Sisters February 2018