Most Worshipful King Solomon Universal Grand Lodge
Ancient York Rite Masons of Indiana
Most Worthy Queen Esther Universal Grand Chapter
Order of the Eastern Star
Most Worthy Queen Hadassah Grand Chapter
Order of the Eastern Star
Affiliated with
The Providence Supreme Council of North Americas
and all its Territories
Ancient Accepted Scottish Rites

Bro. Sidney Johnson

Message from the Grand Master

" If you have knowledge than let us light our candles off of you".


Greetings to all that veiw this site. I,  the Hon. Eddie Cole Jr 330 Grand Master would like to say that it has been a fruitful experience serving as the leader of leaders in our organization, we continue to teach, live and enjoy the masonic order. Our organization is young but has many years of experiences from brothers from all different affiliation in which they had came from, causing us to take a universal approach at masonry. Our Goals and plans are to grow to be a well known organization in the State of Indiana. We are looking for upright brothers from Indiana, whom may have not been active, but desire to come back to the brotherhood circle, well our doors are opened to you and others and as always peace and travel light.

In addition my brothers, I must express my feelings on the word clandestine. Clandestine is an act not a title, if you are charted by a Grand Lodge that has three Lodges than you are regular not irregular. There is no Grand Lodge in America connected to The United Grand Lodge of England, for when we became the United States of America, why would we have to go overseas for warrants or charters. England has stated via email to us (My Grand Senior Warden) that they do not send warrants or charts across the waters to America. Brothers, any warrants or charts you may see, no matter how old are just historic documents to trace back the history of when the Dukes and Earls betrayed the King of England (Watch Patroit with Mel Gibson). Please do not take my word for it, do the research for yourself and you will really discover where Masonry came from which is Egypt..

Hon. Eddie Cole Jr 330

Grand Master