Most Worshipful King Solomon Universal Grand Lodge
Ancient York Rite Masons of Indiana
Most Worthy Queen Esther Universal Grand Chapter
Order of the Eastern Star
Most Worthy Queen Hadassah Grand Chapter
Order of the Eastern Star
Affiliated with
The Providence Supreme Council of North Americas
and all its Territories
Ancient Accepted Scottish Rites

Bro. Sidney Johnson

Arabian Temple No. 11 A.A.O.N.M.S

Illustrious Potentate Eddie Cole Jr 330



Poor sons of the desert Class of 2014

Candidates: D. Mcgee, P. Jerome, Vasquez, T. Lewis, Remy

Poor sons of the Desert line dancing

Their journey has just begun 31 May 2014

Poor sons of the desert take rest

31 May 2014

Congratulations on your Noble birth!!!!!!!

Noble Vasquez, Noble Jerome, Noble Mcgee, Noble Lewis, Noble Remy, Noble Jackson

A road well traveled... WELCOME TO THE NASTY NOBLES OF INDIANA!!!!!!!!

Nobles and Daughters of Indiana

Poor sons of the desert class of 2015

Candidates: Hawkins, King, Ivy, Graham

30 May 2015

Their journey has just begun!!!!!!

Congratulations on your Noble birth class of 2015!!!!

(L) to (R): Noble Ivy, Noble King, Noble Graham, Noble Hawkins

Shriners 2016 class

The begining

21 May 2016

Desert of Indiana

Shriners class of 2016

The march in the hot desert of Indiana

Shriners class of 2016

The Middle of the creation

Congratulations on your Noble births!!!!!!!

Class of 2016 with Potentae in the middle

Illustrious Past Potentae Cole

Waiting on the Novice of 2016


Noble Class of 2017

Picture coming soon


Noble class of 2018

2018 Nobles with Potentate J. Newsom